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By the Water: Entry 8

the illusion of solitude i am not a social person. if given the choice, i prefer solitude. even so, i worry, sometimes, about loneliness, that unintended consequence of too much solitude. or, of solitude when one might prefer not to be alone. but today, when i was walking by the water, the great blue heron… Continue reading By the Water: Entry 8

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Querying While Autistic

One of the most difficult parts in processing my late autism identification and diagnosis (at 30 years old) is dealing with a constantly shifting perspective, specifically in comparing how I function in the world and how non-autistic people function in it. I spent my whole life assuming my way of being was "normal" or neurotypical,… Continue reading Querying While Autistic

Author Update, Neurodiversity, writing life

Where Do Novels Go When No Agent Wants Them?

I'm thrilled to be officially querying a brand new manuscript in hope of agent representation! It's titled THE VIOLET TAMARIND and you can read more about it and see a gorgeous mood board one of my beta readers made for it here. But Allison (asked almost no one), whatever happened to that post-apocalyptic science-fiction novel… Continue reading Where Do Novels Go When No Agent Wants Them?

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Why I Don’t Like to Tell People I was DIAGNOSED WITH Autism

I was diagnosed with autism and inattentive ADHD in November 2020. Almost immediately after I found this out, I realized I hated saying that sentence, especially the "diagnosed with" part. I am still getting used to, "I am autistic," but through those words, I feel a sense of pride and relief: they help me know myself more fully. "Diagnosed with" never sat well, and as time goes on, it's sitting worse and worse and worse.