By the Water, Musings

By the Water: Entry 2

Waves, Turtles, & the Sound of Water

As you can see, I’ve decided to add an element to this ongoing series: I’m going to write up any new By the Water entries on my typewriter, scan the page, and upload the post as a photo. It feels more organic to me, and I hope will create a more personal touch. Ideally, I’d like to handwrite (using my gorgeous fountain pens), but I’m afraid my handwriting wouldn’t be clean enough. Who knows, maybe I’ll try it out one of these times…

For those who are curious, the typewriter is a manual 1964 Olympia SM9, which I bought reconditioned by Mark on his Etsy shop, MahoganyRhino. It utilizes a rare Senatorial typeface. I just changed the ribbon and it’s working really beautifully.

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