By the Water, Musings

By the Water: Entry 7

power, death, and old turtle bones

i think a lot about the bleached turtle bones on the shore of the lake. they hallow the ground there. i have thought about picking them up and taking them with me. they speak to me on a primal level. they make me feel like a shaman or a seer. i am drawn to them. i think now that perhaps there is power in those old turtle bones. but what am i to do with that idea? the bones do not belong to me; they belong to the turtle they belong to the grass in which the lay; they belong to the Water in which they once swam. i respect the bones and the turtle who lived in them. i do not think i have the right to touch them or to move them. their power may be tied to the earth, to that sot, and if they are moved, may become macabre or cursed, even. though cursed by what or whom, i don’t know. i have never known a living thing to exist outside of its physical body. maybe the turtle is the bones. maybe the bones were the turtle. maybe the energy that was the turtle’s spirit and lived experience and personality is absorbed into the bones. maybe the energy is gone.

the way is shut.

it belongs to those who are dead, and the dead keep it.

this phrase keeps circling my head. it’s a quote from The Return of the King and is spoken by the king of the dead city when Aragorn and his companions seek to enter and pass under the mountain. why am i thinking of it? what way is shut to me, and guarded from me by the dead? Aragorn did not allow this to stop him. he mastered death and the ghosts of the dead. but i do not think i want to coerce the dead into speaking to me or acting or killing on my behalf.

the bones of the turtle guard a pathway. they guard a sacred space. that way is shut to those who are living and guarded by the spirit of the turtle.

the bones are:

  • a skull
  • a spine
  • pieces of its shell

i am afraid that one day, i will pass by the place, but the bones will be gone. taken by animals or other, less respectful people. i will lose the bones. even so, i do not think i should take them to prevent them from falling into the “wrong hands” whatever that means. it is not up to me to say whose hands are right or wrong. perhaps the turtle bones know, and will allow themselves to be moved by whatever force is supposed to do so, or is right to do so. most likely, the only qualifier for this is the force that does move them in the end.

i will watch and recognize and honor the bones.

i will not move them.

i will be moved by them.

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