By the Water, Musings

By the Water: Entry 8

the illusion of solitude

i am not a social person. if given the choice, i prefer solitude. even so, i worry, sometimes, about loneliness, that unintended consequence of too much solitude. or, of solitude when one might prefer not to be alone.

but today, when i was walking by the water, the great blue heron came, flying over the treeline, its great wings cupping the steady spring wind, holding it. embracing it. as the heron glided over the lake, it dipped low, to the level of my eye, just as it passed me. then, up again, over the trees at this end, on to the next lake.

and i realized.

as long as i have:





the sound of ripples

of wind whistling through pine needles

cottonwood leaves rattling

the startled call of geese



i will never be alone.

it is impossible.

i am only one more facet of the cosmos, in this universe, this galaxy, on this planet, revealed. just one more example of what it means to Live. just one more Breath. i do not exist separate. i exist together.

i am the Divine.

and so are the water, the wind, the herons, the ducks, the sound of ripples, of wind whistling through pine needles, cottonwood leaves rattling, the startled call of geese, sky, clouds.

we Live and Breathe Divine.

we are never alone.

we are never lonely.

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