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Publication Announcement: A Critique of Autistic-Coded Rep in ‘Don’t Look Up’

Hi all! Long time, no post! Just dropping you blog-readers a line to let you know that I’ve published a new essay via The Art of Autism. It’s a fierce critique of Netflix’s new satirical film, Don’t Look Up, which features a disturbing portrayal of an autistic-coded villain.

Read the whole essay here!

This is very much the kind of content I write on this blog (and if no one had picked it up, it likely would have featured here!), so I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s titled, Don’t Look Up: A Masterclass in Autistic Ableism.

Let me know your thoughts either in the comments here, or over on The Art of Autism’s site!

3 thoughts on “Publication Announcement: A Critique of Autistic-Coded Rep in ‘Don’t Look Up’”

  1. I mean, Netflix signed off on “Atypical,” so I can hardly say this surprises me. It is a *little* bit strange that there still doesn’t seem to be anyone there with any pull who knows better by now.


    1. Oof, I forgot about Atypical. I think I maybe watched a little bit of that before I realized I was autistic and more educated about it, but it was ROUGH even then. Yeah, I don’t know how to rock the boat hard enough to get anybody’s attention about this. Ugh. -_-

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      1. And yet they can get something SO RIGHT as “The Queen’s Gambit.” They CAN do it.

        I know the answer is that their interest is money, and not telling the difference between good and bad autistic characterization. But they apparently CAN tell when it suits them.


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