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Publication Announcements: TWO Anthologies!

This year, I have been focusing on short fiction. And… I have a pair of anthologies with my name in the table of contents! Let me introduce you to these books.

First, you can order a copy of Well, This is Tense, an anthology of horror shorts all in second person. My piece, “Crawling Back,” is a take on attachment disorder that is sure to unsettle. It was announced as one of the top three of the collection overall.



Second, you can preorder a copy of Rewired: Divergent Experiences of Horror. This is an anthology I’m especially proud to be a part of, as a large portion of it is dedicated to neurodiverse experiences. My piece, “The Seams in Your Skin,” is autism + Carrie + my experience of sensory discomfort + feelings of alienness in high school.



You may have noticed both anthologies are horror.

I know; I’m as surprised as you! I never thought horror was for me. But after the global upheaval of the past two or three years, I’m finding something deeply cathartic in the genre, both as a reader and a writer. My pieces aren’t gratuitously horrific. They are quieter, more aimed at psychological discomfort in a literary tone. While there is violence, it is minimally described.

The year of short fiction has more to give! Stay tuned! There are more links and announcements on the horizon…

2 thoughts on “Publication Announcements: TWO Anthologies!”

  1. That’s amazing! I have been trying out short stories lately too, and I must say, the trenches are more gruelling here, since there are so many publications and guidelines to follow. Simply writing stories is just one piece of the puzzle. Anyway, congrats, and here’s to more short story success to come!

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    1. Thank you! I know, it really is hard. I had to make a decision to play the numbers game and send out as much as possible… Easier said than done, of course. Good luck with your subs!! Fingers crossed for you!

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