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By the Water: Entry 1

Every day, I walk around a lake near my house. I am often overwhelmed, surprised, and enlivened by the birds, geese, ducks, herons, turtles, wind, water, rocks, waves, neighborhood cats, dogs, preteens, and all other manner of Nature and Wild Things that cross my path. I would like to sporadically share what I gain from… Continue reading By the Water: Entry 1

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Why I Write: Through a Neurodiverse Lens

My recent autism and ADHD diagnoses have prompted some intense reprocessing of my own memories and lived experiences. It's like sitting in the chair at the eye doctor, and a new lens is flipped down. Suddenly, everything is clearer. Through the lens of neurodiversity, many things about me and my life make a lot more… Continue reading Why I Write: Through a Neurodiverse Lens

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I’m Autistic. (And I have ADHD.)

Even after hitting "Publish" on this post, I still don't know how I feel about the title statement. How it's worded, I mean. The ideas it represents are absolutely true. On November 9, 2020, I was assessed as having met criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In other words (and maybe… Continue reading I’m Autistic. (And I have ADHD.)

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Zebulon Contest News…

Happy shut-in coronavirus days to you, internet traveler. I'm dropping a little shred of good news fluttering your way on the winds of uncertainty, isolation, and a shocking scarcity of toilet paper... This week, Pikes Peak Writers announced their winners for the 2020 Zebulon Fiction Contest. My entry, HALF-LIFE (the SF post-apocalyptic novel I'm currently… Continue reading Zebulon Contest News…

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The Irishman: A Brutal Review

I wasn't going to write about this movie. I watch a lot of movies and I don't write critically about most of them, partly because I know any film is a labor of love for someone involved and I don't want to hurt anybody, partly because none of the films I've really had problems with… Continue reading The Irishman: A Brutal Review

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Pitching a Novel in a Tweet? What is this, the technological dystopian future?

On January 30, 2020, I participated in my very first Twitter pitching event. And girl, do I have some THOUGHTS. But first, maybe some definition of terms. I know not all of the people who read this blog are writers, and y'all might be thinking, what the heck is pitching? When writers write a story,… Continue reading Pitching a Novel in a Tweet? What is this, the technological dystopian future?