Blood Moon Rising

Alias Grace + Lovecraftian magic…

An epic fantasy novel for adults.

A neurodivergent woman raised in a domineering patriarchal society discovers the real reason men subjugate the women: they are far more powerful than they know. And if women found out how much more powerful? Well, there just might be a revolution.

STATUS: Out with beta readers. Prepping to query.

The Violet Tamarind

Treasure Planet meets Arm of the Sphinx

…steampunk Bladerunner in an airship…

A futuristic speculative-fiction novel for adults.

Plasma loves her life as second-in-command of a pirate airship. …Or she did, until charismatic cyborg Captain Heelbone leads his crew on a wild goose chase of a treasure hunt that starts revealing his buried secrets.

STATUS: Shelved.


…the grit of Divergent and the romantic nostalgia of Station Eleven

A post-apocalyptic science-fiction novel for adults.

An archeologist leaves the safety of the last City on earth to hunt down the Outsider who killed her husband.

ECHOES OF THE OLD WORLD was a finalist in the 2019 Colorado Gold Fiction Contest and the 2020 Zebulon Contest under the title HALF-LIFE.

STATUS: Shelved.