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Writing Contest News…

Got a little good news RE: the novel I’ve been working on. If that’s interesting to you, awesome, and if not, no harm no foul. Ignore, click away, and good juju to you.

Back in May, I entered my post-apocalyptic novel in the Colorado Gold Writing Contest. It’s a novel-writing contest for unpublished writers that includes the first 4k words and a synopsis (one of the single hardest writing things I’ve ever written holy god). It’s associated with the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference in Denver, which I attended in 2018, not knowing about this contest.

Found out about it, prepped the pages, wrote the synopsis (that fucking synopsis), submitted. Got a call in August that I was in the top five, which meant that a professional agent/editor was going to read and judge my work and four other writers’.

Attended (great experience, highly recommend), and on Saturday night was awarded…..

2nd Place!

So I have this inherited spiel from my dad about how 2nd place is psychologically worse than 3rd place, blah, blah, blah, but I’m super happy with the result, especially since I’d never written a synopsis before (I DON’T recommend writing a synopsis. It’s awful.).

Only good things came by entering (joining a writers’ group, encouraging comments, a contest judge offering to beta read, a pitch session that went well), and have a TON of fuel and encouragement that I’m going to try to use to finish a draft of this damn thing and get it off to some beta readers, and then, hopefully, off to agents.

I don’t so much intend to get you all to party with me (though that’s of course welcome) as to remind you that good things come with hard work and persistence. Especially in something as fickle as fiction. The only way you lose FOR SURE is if you give up.



Book published?


Ton of work to do yet?


But another milestone in the process. So bring it on.

And in your endeavors, good juju to you.

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