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FOOTNOTES ON A SPACE OPERA: Cover Reveal And Preorder Link!

Here we are, just vibing in the apocalypse…and I hope to distract from the arguably grim national and international current events with some updates regarding my upcoming short story publication, FOOTNOTES ON A SPACE OPERA!

Cover Reveal!

I have a finalized cover design!

I was very intimidated by this aspect of the indie publication process. I couldn’t find anything on pre-made cover websites that fit. And I knew I couldn’t design a professional-looking cover myself.

I tried anyway, though. I played around on Canva (free online design software easy enough for the *ahem* design-challenged to figure out). I came up with a concept I liked, and then passed it along to the brilliant Danica Redfern, a fellow writer and pro designer, who gave it movement and brought it to life.


Here it is!

What I love about it

(apart from everything)

  • The whimsy and fun of the colors
  • The movement of the sound waves across the back
  • That the sound waves look like the lines of a musical grand staff
  • The font, which reminds me of those good old marquee signs and neon lights

Pre-Order Link!

FOOTNOTES ON A SPACE OPERA is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

So if you just can’t wait (or if you’re absent-minded like me and want to make sure you don’t forget) head over to Amazon, put in that pre-order, and on September 6, when the short story is officially published, it’ll download right to your device. All ready for some Labor Day alien invasion.

Ah, the automated ease of 21st-century life…

Once more, here’s that PRE-ORDER LINK!

If you need me, I’ll be staring into the starry void of that gorgeous book cover…

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