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By the Water: Entry 8

the illusion of solitude i am not a social person. if given the choice, i prefer solitude. even so, i worry, sometimes, about loneliness, that unintended consequence of too much solitude. or, of solitude when one might prefer not to be alone. but today, when i was walking by the water, the great blue heron… Continue reading By the Water: Entry 8

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Querying While Autistic

One of the most difficult parts in processing my late autism identification and diagnosis (at 30 years old) is dealing with a constantly shifting perspective, specifically in comparing how I function in the world and how non-autistic people function in it. I spent my whole life assuming my way of being was "normal" or neurotypical,… Continue reading Querying While Autistic

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Why I Don’t Like to Tell People I was DIAGNOSED WITH Autism

I was diagnosed with autism and inattentive ADHD in November 2020. Almost immediately after I found this out, I realized I hated saying that sentence, especially the "diagnosed with" part. I am still getting used to, "I am autistic," but through those words, I feel a sense of pride and relief: they help me know myself more fully. "Diagnosed with" never sat well, and as time goes on, it's sitting worse and worse and worse.