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The Irishman: A Brutal Review

I wasn't going to write about this movie. I watch a lot of movies and I don't write critically about most of them, partly because I know any film is a labor of love for someone involved and I don't want to hurt anybody, partly because none of the films I've really had problems with… Continue reading The Irishman: A Brutal Review

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Does The Matrix Hold Up 20 Years Later?

The Matrix. Everyone's favorite late 20th-century, existential-crisis-inducing, groundbreaking sci-fi cyberpunk, slo-mo-happy film. Keanu Reeves, grunge, sunglasses, leather pants, guns for days, kung fu... What more could any sci-fi movie fan want? The Matrix, the Wachowski's first blockbuster hit, came out on March 31, 1999. Twenty years ago. This is mindbendingly hard for me to believe,… Continue reading Does The Matrix Hold Up 20 Years Later?